yo1I am a research associate in the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida (USF), St. Petersburg. I received my Ph.D. in Ocean Sciences from the University of Southern California in 2009, worked on several projects in contrasting areas (wetlands and lakes), and joined  USF in 2011.

My research focuses on uncovering geochemical signatures in the ocean as archives of how marine systems function and respond to natural and anthropogenic events. As a marine biogeochemist, I have worked on a wide range of different projects with particular emphasis on the effects of eutrophication, tidal inundation gradients, deep-sea sediment dynamics, and organic contamination. I have studied specific molecules (e.g., carbon, hydrogen), natural cycles (e.g., nitrogen), microbes (e.g., N2 fixers), and marine fauna (e.g., mesopelagic fishes, jellyfishes, squid). In my work, I include isotopic and organic geochemical analyses in water, sediments, and organisms. My research results are used to determine organic matter inputs and distribution in demersal environments, the effects of disturbance on marine biota, and identify biogeochemical indicators of ecosystem health.